Creating and managing dashboard folders

As your team creates more and more Qwilr Pages, public dashboard folders help you keep them organized.

Note: All folders are public. Any page you put into a folder will be accessible to your whole team. All users can add pages to any folder.

Creating a folder

On your dashboard, find the Account Folders section in the left sidebar. 

Click on the Create Account Folder icon.

From there, you'll be able to give the new folder a title. Hit Enter to save it.

Note: Currently, Qwilr sorts your folders alphabetically. If you'd like to move one or more of them to the top of the list, add a symbol before the name, like "@Reports."

Nesting folders

You can place folders within folders, which is great for organizing your team's work. You might, for example, have a folder for each team in your company. Then in each team's folder, you might have a folder for each major project the team is working on. Or you could have a folder for each team member. Or folders for different kinds of Qwilr Pages, like proposals, case studies, and contracts.

To create a nested folder, click on the 3-dot icon to the right of the parent folder. Choose New Folder. That creates a new folder that's nested under the parent folder. 

From there, click the 3-dot icon next to the new folder and choose Rename Folder. Add a new title.

Another way to create nested folders is to click and drag any folder and drop it on another folder. 

Moving pages to a folder

On your dashboard, you can move any Qwilr Page to any folder by clicking and dragging. Click on the page, and drag it to the folder in the left sidebar.

You can also move multiple pages to the same folder. Click the check boxes next to each page, and then drag the group to the folder.

Similarly, you can open any of your folders, click on a page in that folder, and then drag it to a different folder.

Note: A page can only live in one folder. But if you have pages your team needs to access frequently, you can leave it in the main Pages folder, and add one or more tags to the page. That way your team can use the dashboard filter to find the page quickly.

Folders and permissions

You can set specific permissions for a Qwilr Page, but if you move that page into a folder, it becomes a public page. Every member of your team will be able to access it.

If you later move the page back to the main Pages folder, it remains public, but you can restore its original permissions if you need to. 

To do that, open the page and head to the top right corner. Click the Share with Team icon. You'll see the list of the users who previously had access to this page, plus a new line showing that everyone in your account now has access.

If you want to restore the page permissions to the original list of users, click the icon next to  Everyone In Your Account. Then choose Remove.

Renaming a folder

To update the name of a folder, click on the 3-dot icon next to its name. Choose Rename Folder and then enter the new name.

Deleting a folder

Note: If you delete a folder, that also deletes every page in the folder, so be careful!

To delete a folder, click on the 3-dot icon next to its name. Choose Delete Folder.

You'll see a warning about deleting all the pages. Click Delete Folder to confirm.

Once deleted, the pages from this folder will stay in the Deleted folder for 30 days. You can still restore them during that time. After 30 days, they can't be recovered.

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