Personalizing Qwilr Pages with Tokens

Tokens offer your team a quick and easy way to add personalized details to Qwilr Pages. You don't even need a CRM!

Hi {{first_name}}. 

Okay, that's not super engaging - but imagine if that said your name! Or your buyer's name. Or your buyer's cat's name! The possibilities are (almost) endless. Tokens allow you to add a whole other level of personalization.

Note: This feature isn't currently available for our CRM integrations. Please reach out if you'd like to be notified when it is.

Preparing a Template

This process begins with a Qwilr Template. If you have some Templates you've already converted, you can head to Library > Templates and open any Template for editing. (Once you turn a Page into a Template - you CANNOT move it back to a Page. So always clone your page first if you want to keep it as is.)

To create a new blank Template, click  Library in the top left of your screen, and select Templates. Click the Create Blank Template button.

Don't have a Template yet? No issues! Start by creating a Qwilr Page (or cloning one you already have). While you're editing it, head to the top right corner and click the Convert to Template icon.

Your Template will stay open so you can start adding some tokens.

Note: Once the Page is converted, it will leave your Page's dashboard and move to your Library > Templates. Once you turn a Page into a Template - you CANNOT move it back to a Page. So always clone your page first if you want to keep it as is. 

Setting up your Account Tokens

In the top right corner of the Editor, you'll notice that the Template conversion icon has been replaced with a Tokens icon. Click that to get started.

The first time you use the Tokens tool, you'll see a list of default Tokens. We added these because they're commonly used, but you can also create as many custom Tokens as you need.

To create a new Token, type in the label you'd like the Token to have. Choose a short name that your team will easily recognize. Then click Add to save the token.

Adding Tokens to the Template

When you have all of your Tokens created, it's time to add some to your Template. 

You can add as many Tokens to each Template as you need. You can use any Token multiple times, and you don't have to use every Token in your list!

There are three ways to add Tokens - choose the one you like best.

Copying and Pasting

Next to each token, you'll see a Copy button. Click that to copy the Token. Then place your cursor where you want the Token, and use your key command of Ctrl-V or Cmd-V to paste it.

Dragging and Dropping

Alternatively, you can click on the Token and drag it to the location in the Page. Then drop it.

Typing Tokens

This option is great to use while you're writing your Template content. Anywhere in your Template, type two open curly brackets, like this: {{

That will bring up your Token list within the Template, and you can choose the one you need.

Creating a new Page, filling in the Tokens

Your Template is now ready to use! Start from your main Dashboard. Click the Create New button, and then choose From Template.

In your Template Gallery, choose the Qwilr Template you want to use, and click on the tile to preview it.

Head to the top right corner of the Template preview, and click the Create Page button.

A form will pop up, with a field for each Token you've used. Fill in the personalization for each field, and then click Create Page again.

Just like that, your new page is personalized! (You can edit in any way you like from here.)

Maintaining your Account Tokens

You can add new Tokens to your account at any time. To get started, open any Template for editing (or create a new one). 

Click the Tokens icon to open the list. Then type in the new label and click Add.

Need to remove a Token? Click on the 3-dot icon and choose Delete.

Note: If you remove a Token from your account's list, it will remain in any Templates that are already using it.

What if you want to use this Template with your CRM?

Currently, this feature isn't supported in our CRM integrations. If you're using our HubSpot or Salesforce integration, however, you can convert a Qwilr template to a CRM template at any time.

You'll lose access to the account tokens in this process. You'll be prompted to change them to existing tokens available for your CRM.

To change the Template to a CRM template, open the Tokens tool. Click on the CRM tab. If you haven't yet connected a CRM integration, you'll see a button to get started with that.

If you have already connected a CRM, you'll see its name in place of the CRM tab:

Got questions? Email for answers to your questions! 

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