How do I create content?

In this article we'll go through the basics of creating a Qwilr Page.

Getting Started

To get started, create a Qwilr Page — starting from scratch or using one of our templates.


Qwilr Pages are made up of content sections called "Blocks", which you can think of as sections of your page.

You can add blocks by hitting the 'plus' button that lives on the upper and lower edges of each block on your Qwilr Page.

There are 6 block types:

  • Text: for text, images and tables.
  • Quotefor price quotes, which can be interactive and contain packages.
  • Acceptfor clients to accept proposals or agreements then sign and pay for.
  • Videofor embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Brightcove.
  • Splashfor beautiful background images and videos.
  • Embedfor embeddable content (in iFrames) from around the web. 

You can have as many (or as few) blocks as you would like in your Qwilr Page.

Block Controls

Access block controls by clicking the settings icon at the top-left of the block.

The control options include:

  • Move block up or down.
  • Delete block.
  • Save block.
  • Change the block style.
  • Block settings.

WYSIWYG ('what you see is what you get')

Whatever you see on your Qwilr Page while editing is exactly what your client will see looking at the live page — with a few exceptions.

To preview your Qwilr Page, and see exactly how it will appear to your client, hit the ' Preview' button at the top of your page.

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