Quote Blocks

With Qwilr you'll be able to add Quote Blocks to your proposals. These can be variable and allows things like:

You'll also be able to show or hide specific elements.

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In this article:

We'll be talking about the basics of creating quotes. For more advanced options see the individual articles linked above.

Adding a Quote Block

To get started head to the Block menu from your Qwilr Page. Choose Quote.

You should have a blank Quote waiting for you to add items and sections. You'll always start off with 1 blank section and 1 blank fixed cost item.

Managing Sections

Add New

If you want to add a new section you'll click on the + in the spot you want your section to appear. This means to insert a section in between 2 other sections, you'll click on the + wherever you want that section to be added.

Adding Text

The block under the "Section 1 (or 2, or 3, etc)" text is editable. Go ahead and type in that field to add your text. If you highlight the text you've added you'll also see a small editor pop up. With it you'll be able to:

  • Bold your text
  • Italicize your text
  • Making your text an H2 header
  • Make the text an under ordered or ordered list
  • Link text


To delete your entire section click on the trash can icon. You'll see it turn red when it's active.

Managing your Items

Once you've added a section you'll be able to add items. You can choose from:

Adding Items

There are two ways to add new items. If you want to quickly add a new line item to the bottom of your current section you'll use the shortcuts.

However, if you want to add a line item in between existing line items, you'll want to move your mouse to that spot and you'll see a + icon pop up. Click on that and choose your item type.

If you want to add an item in-between 2 items, click the + in-between those 2 items. If you want to move the item afterwards, open up the line item settings and use the up and down arrows.

Managing Saved Items

To use a saved item or to access your library, click on the " Saved Item" option in the item menu or the short cuts at the bottom of your section.

From there you'll be taken to your saved item library. Click on the item you want to insert into your quote.

You can save a new item directly from your quote block. Click on the item settings option and choose Save to Library.

Deleting Items

To delete from your library, again head to the Saved Items option and then when you hover over the name of an item a trash can will pop up.

To delete a line item just from your quote, head to the item settings menu and choose delete.

Showing or Hiding Elements

Within your quote block you can hide certain elements so they're not visible.


Within each section you'll see an eye icon above each column. You can use those show or hide different columns.


To hide (or show!) certain elements within your Quote total, click on the settings menu.

You can also hide the entire total by going to the Block settings menu and then Display Options. Toggle off the "Quote Total" option.

Section Numbering

Within your sections we'll automatically number them (great for packages!), but if you want to hide those head to the Block settings menu and then Display Options. Toggle off the "Section IDs" option.