Quote Blocks

Build interactive pricing for your buyers with the Quote Block.

The Quote Block can populate quotes or interactive pricing plans with accurate data from your CRM, or by you if you don't use a CRM. You can recommend the best options as a seller, and even upsell buyers with add-ons while you’re there!

This article covers the basics of using the Quote Block, but we have many useful quoting tools. Head to the bottom of this article for more details.

In this article:

Video: One-time pricing | Video: Recurring pricing

Creating a Quote Block

Think of Blocks like Lego pieces that stack to create more content. To add a new Block, first start by clicking the + icon at the top or bottom of any existing Block. 

Then, select the Quote icon from the New Block Menu. 

3 styles of quoting

You'll be prompted to choose a format for your quote. Depending on the quote you're building, you can mix and match two styles of presentation (click the links below to learn more):

  • Standard Quote: presents your line items in a traditional table format.
  • Plans Only: displays the same line-item details in a side-by-side card format.
  • Combined Plans and Quote: contains both Table and Plan card sections

Adding a new section

Quote sections help you present a group of items in an organized way. Depending on the quote, you might use just one section, or many.

If you want to add a new section to your quote, click the + icon. You can add a new section at the end of the quote, or between any two existing sections. 

You'll be prompted to choose a format for the new section: Table or Plan cards. (Click those links to learn more about each section.)

Showing or hiding parts of a quote

You can hide certain elements of your Quote Block so they're not visible to your clients.

Detail columns

Sometimes you don't need all the details in your quote. You can hide or show each column of a table section by clickng on the icon next to the column heading. 

If you need to make edits in a column you've hidden, just click Show Column, make your changes, and then click Hide Column again.

When a column is hidden, it won't be visible to your client. In this example, we've hidden the Item column.

Note: The total of the quote will stay the same even if you've hidden some columns.

Quote total and section IDs

To hide (or show) the Quote total and Section ID numbers, head to the top left corner of the block and click the Block Options icon (three dots). Next, click Display options. 

From there you'll be able to enable or disable the switches for  Quote Total and Section IDs.

Discounts and tax

If you've applied a discount or tax to your quote, you can choose to show it in your quote total or hide it. To find this setting, head to the bottom block of the quote. Click on the Total Options icon.

You'll be able to do these things:

  • Apply a discount to the overall quote total
  • Show total discounts
  • Show tax totals
  • Show total excluding tax

Styling your Quote Block

You can style your Quote Block by adding a background color, text color, animation, and more

Not only that, but you can apply styling to the quote form. Click on the top edge of any quote section to get started.

What's Next:

Here are some more things the Quote Block can do:


Q: Can I save my Block and reuse it across different Pages?
A: Yep! If you like your new block, save it so you can reuse it again.

Q: Can I remove the decimal point in a Quote Block? 
A: Yes, if you may want to remove the decimals entirely from your quote and have all values show in whole dollar amounts, you can. Head to the top left corner of your Quote Block and click the Block Options icon (3 dots), then select the Formatting menu. Within that menu, you can disable the switch for Display Decimal. This will remove decimals entirely from your quote block including pricing cards or the table section of your quote block.

Q: Can I hide the "section 1" text in a Quote block?
A: Yes, you can hide these by heading to the top left corner of the Quote Block, and clicking on the Block Options icon (3 dots). Then click on Display Options and then disable the switch for Section IDs.This will remove the unwanted text!

Q: How do I remove the Total box from my Quote Block?
A: Head to your Quote Block and click on the Block Options icon (three dots) in the top left corner. Click Display Options. From there. you can enable or disable the Quote Total switch. If you need to, you can also remove the quote total from the emails you and your buyer receive once the page is accepted.

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