Creating standard pricing tables in the Quote Block

When you need to present your price quote in a straightforward list of line items, Qwilr's table presentation works great!

The Quote Block can populate quotes or interactive pricing plans with accurate data from your CRM, or by you if you don't use a CRM. You can recommend the best options as a seller, and even upsell buyers with add-ons while you’re there!

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Adding a new table section

You can stick with just table sections in your quote, or mix things up by throwing in some Plan card sections.

To add a new table section to a quote, click the + icon near the bottom. Then choose Table.

By default, your new table section will come with a Fixed Cost line item. Discover more about line items here.

Types of line items

Qwilr supports four types of line items in the Quote Block. You'll see a button for each one along the bottom of each section.

  • Fixed Cost: an item that has one unit price
  • Variable: an item where the unit price changes depending on the quantity
  • Text: a descriptive line with no pricing
  • Saved Line: an item from your saved line item library

Adding and managing line items

Feel free to add as many items as you want in each section of your quote!

For each line item, you can enter information in the Description, Item, and Quantity fields. You can also customize the Unit field to any description you need. 

The Price field calculates automatically from these inputs.

Note: If you have a large number of items to add to your quote, you might want to upload them in bulk.

Adding a line item

When you add a new table section to your quote, it will contain one Fixed Cost line item by default.

To add a line item at the bottom of a section, click the button for the type of line you need, and add a description and cost details.

You can also add an item between any two existing line items. Hover over the spot where you'd like to place the item. A + icon will pop up. Click on that and choose your item format.

If you want to move a line item, click the Line Item Options icon, and then click the arrows to move up or down.

Cloning a line item

If you need to make a new line item that's very similar to an existing one, you can save time by cloning!  

Start on the line you want to copy. Click the Line Item Options icon. Then click the Clone icon. From there, you can edit the new line.

Saving a line item

If you plan to use a line item again in the future, you can save it to your library. Then it will be available to add to future quotes.

Deleting a line item

To delete a line item from a quote, click the Line Item Options icon and then choose Delete.

Adding a section title

In the header of each section, you'll see a field where you can enter the name of the section. If you highlight the text you've added, you'll also see a toolbar pop up to add some styling. 

Managing your table sections

Moving a table section

To move a section up or down, click on its top edge. A toolbar will pop up. Click on the arrows to move the section as needed.

Cloning a table section

You can clone any section in your quote - it's a great time-saver. Click on the top edge of the section to bring up the toolbar. Then click the Clone icon. The new copy of the section will appear below it. From there, you can move it as needed and edit its contents.

Deleting a table section

To delete an entire section, click on its top edge. A toolbar will appear. Click the trash can icon to delete the section.

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