Saving and reusing quote line items

If you often use the same line items in your quotes, Qwilr offers several ways to save and reuse them.

Saving a line item

You can save any line item from a quote you're building. Then it will be available to add to future quotes.

If you're using the Table format in your quote, click the Line Item Options icon. Then click the Add to Saved Line Items icon.

If you're using the Plan card format, head to the top right corner of any card and click the pencil icon. Then choose Save Plan.

Adding a saved item to a quote

To use a saved item or to access your library, head to the bottom of any Table quote section and click the Saved Line button.

Alternatively, if you're using the Plan card format, click the + icon and choose Add Plan. Then choose Saved Plan.

From there, you'll be taken to your saved line item library. Click on each item you want to insert into your quote - you can insert as many as you like. Then head to the top right corner and click the Add Line Items button.

Note: If you saved a line item from a Table section, you can later add it as a Plan card. If you save a Plan card, you can later add it to a Table section. There might be some data you need to fill in after adding, but the formats are interchangeable.

Note: If you need to add a lot of line items to your saved library, you can also upload them from a CSV file.

Deleting an item from your saved library

To delete an item from your library, hover over it. A trash icon can will pop up. Click it to delete the line item.

Cloning line items

If you need to make a new line item that's very similar to an existing one, you can save time by cloning!  

Start on the line you want to copy. Click the Line Item Options icon. Then click the Clone icon. From there, you can edit the new line.

If you have a section of your quote set up with several line items, you can also clone the whole section. That copies all of the lines to a new section, and you can edit them from there.

Click along the top edge of the section you want to copy. A toolbar will appear. Click the Clone icon.

Note: After cloning a line item and then editing it, you can save it to your library to reuse later.

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