Saving and reusing quote line items

If you often use the same line items in your quotes, you can save time by adding these items to your saved library. Then you can use them in any quote with just a few clicks.

Saving a line item

You can save any line item from a quote you're building. Click on the arrow icon to the right of the line and choose  Add copy to library.

Adding a saved item to a quote

To use a saved item or to access your library, click Saved Item button at the bottom of any quote section.

From there, you'll be taken to your saved item library. Click on the item(s) you want to insert into your quote. You can insert as many saved lines as you like. Then click the Add Items button in the top right corner.

Note: If you need to add a lot of line items to your saved library, you can also upload them from a CSV file.

Deleting an item from your saved library

To delete an item from your library, hover over the name of an item. A trash icon can will pop up. Click it to delete the line item.

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