Importing quote line items in bulk

If you have lot of quote line items that you want to save and reuse, you can upload them all at once to your library. All you need is a CSV file.

Note: You can also save line items one at a time from your existing quotes.

Importing a set of line items

Step 1. First, you'll need to add a Quote Block to your page. You'll do this by clicking on the + symbol to add a new block, and then choosing Quote.

Step 2. Make sure this block is set to your preferred currency - the saved line items will take on that currency type.

Note: If you've saved line items with a specific currency setting, you can still add them to a different quote that's set to another currency. The Quote Block's currency setting will override the currency of the saved line items.

Step 3. Click the Saved Line button.

Step 4. This will take you to your saved line items library. From there, head to the top right corner and click Upload CSV. Then choose the file that you want to upload from your computer.

It's important to format your CSV file so that the Quote Block can read it. If you like, you can start with the example file below, and update it with your own line items.

If you're formatting your own CSV file, make sure your column titles are exactly:

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Cost Per Item
  • Unit Name
  • Recurring Frequency (if you have any recurring charges)

The upload process goes quite quickly. As soon as you've added your CSV, you'll see the new items appear in your saved library.

If you have any lines that are recurring charges, you'll see the billing frequency listed in the saved lines.

Adding a saved item to a quote

To use your uploaded line items, head back to the Quote Block and click the Saved Line button again.

You'll be taken to your saved line item library. Click on each item you want to insert into your quote - you can insert as many as you like. Then head to the top right corner and click the Add Line Items button.

Removing saved line items

In any Quote Block, clicked the Saved Line button to go to your saved item library.

From there, hover over the item you'd like to remove. Click on the trash can icon to the right of the line.

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