Setting pricing ranges

Sometimes you want to offer different prices depending on the quantity your client purchases, such as a volume discount. That's what the price range feature is for. You can also combine price ranges with optional quantities and optional line items.

Adding a ranged price

Step 1. Click the Variable button to add a new line item to your quote.

Step 2. Add a description and then click on the Item field. A dropdown menu will appear. Click Create and manage all variables.

Step 3. From there, click on the ➕ to add a new variable to your library.

Step 4. Enter the name of the new variable, set a unit price, and then define the unit - are you pricing per hour, per each, per dozen, or something else? You can choose a unit from the menu or add a new one.

Note: Once you've created a variable, any edits you make to it later will cause a recalculation in every page that's using it.

Step 5. Next, you'll set up the pricing range. Click on the arrow icon next to your new variable to open the Settings. Enable the If over and If under switches.

So, for example, let's say you want to offer variable pricing on Bananas in this quote. For purchases under 100 bananas, you want to change $1.75 each. For purchases between 100 and 500, bananas are $1.50 each. And for purchases over 500 bananas, you'll charge $1.00 each. Your range would look like this:

Step 6. To save this new variable price, click Done.

Using price ranges in a quote

Once you have at least one variable saved in your library, you can start adding variable lines to quotes. 

Step 1. Click the Variable button to add a line item.

Step 2. Click the Item field to open your Variables menu. Choose the variable you want to add to this line. If you have a large number of variables, you can search for it by name.

If you want your client to see the price breaks, be sure to add an optional quantity set for this item. If you don't set an optional quantity, the price breaks will just operate as an internal calculation based on the quantity you enter.

What your client sees

If you've enabled a price range with an optional quantity on a line item, then your client will see a slider to choose their quantity. As they increase the number of units, they'll see the unit price decrease.