Setting pricing ranges

Sometimes you want to give different prices depending on the quantity purchased. For example, if you are selling widgets and they sell for $1 each up to the first 500 purchased, but if someone purchases 1,000 you'll sell them for $0.85 each, you'll need to set up a pricing range.

How to add a ranged price

Within a Quote Block add a new item and choose Variable based.

That will add the new line item to your quote. Then head to Select and from there click on the Create and manage all variables link to be taken to the Variables library.

From there you'll be able to add a new variable. First, click on the ➕ to add a new one.

Once you add a new variable, you will be able to change its name, set your base rate and add a new unit.

From there you'll also be able to set your If over and If under numbers.

So, for example, let's say you want to add an option for your client to choose Bananas in their quote. You want the price for purchases under 100 to be $1.25 each. For purchases between 100 and 500 they'll be $1 each. And for purchases over 501 bananas, they'll be $0.75 each. Your range would look like this:

Once you've set that up click Done or use the ➕again to add additional variables if needed.

Using variables

Once you have at least 1 variable in your library in your quote add a variable option.

Then in your select menu, choose the variable you want to add. If you have a large number of variables, you'll also be able to search by the name of your variables.

What your client sees

When your client views your proposal with a variable item, they'll be able to select it (if you made it optional) and then they can click into the unit field to bring up the selector. As they increase the number of units between your minimum and maximum they'll see the price decrease.

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