Setting optional quantities

Sometimes you want to give your clients options. In any quote line item, you can set a minimum and maximum quantity, and your client can choose the number they want. The price recalculates automatically from their choice. This feature also works great with optional line items and pricing ranges.

Setting an optional quantity

Click on the arrow icon next to any line item to open the Settings menu. Then enable the Optional Quantity switch. Type in your minimum and maximum quantities. Then close the menu.

When the optional quantity is set, you and your client can click on the Quantity field and move the slider to choose a number. The price recalculates from that selection.

Removing optionality

If you no longer want an optional quantity, open the Settings menu again and disable the Optional Quantity switch. The quantity for this line will remain as it was when you disabled the setting, but you can change it manually.

What your client sees

When your client views your quote, they can either enter their preferred quantity in the Quantity field, or click on the field to use the slider to choose a quantity.