Setting optional quantities

Sometimes you want to let your buyer choose their own quantities. You can set up a quantity range for any quote line item, and the total price recalculates automatically from their choice. This feature also works great with optional line items and pricing ranges.

Setting an optional quantity

Visit this page for the basics of using the Quote Block.

If you're using a Table quote style, head to the line item where you want to add a quantity range. Click on the Line Item Options icon, and then choose Properties. Enable the Optional Quantity switch. ant type in your minimum and maximum quantities.

If you're using a Plan card quote style, head to the top right corner of any plan card. Click the pencil icon, and then choose Properties.

From there, enable the Optional Quantity switch and type in a minimum and maximum quantity.

Restoring a non-optional quantity

If you no longer want an optional quantity, you can use the same steps as above to access the Optional Quantity switch, and disable it. 

The quantity for this line will remain as it was when you disabled the setting, but you can change it manually.

What the buyer sees

With this setting, your buyer can either use the arrows to increase or decrease the quantity, or they can type in their desired quantity. The price recalculates from that selection.

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