Making quote line items optional

Sometimes you want to give your buyers options. In any Quote Block, you can make line items optional. That way your buyer can choose what they want to purchase. The quote total updates automatically based on their selections. 

Making a line item optional

Visit this page for the basics of using the Quote Block.

On the line you want to make optional, click the Line Item Options icon. Then choose Properties. From there, enable the Optional Line Item switch.

Note: If you want to take this a step further, you can also give your buyer the option to select the quantity for this line item.

Making a line mandatory again

To make an optional line item non-optional again, click on the Line Item Options icon. Choose Properties, then disable the Optional Line Item switch. 

Pre-selecting an optional line Item

If you've made a line item optional, there might be cases where you want it to be pre-selected when your buyer views the quote. While you're editing the quote, you can check the box (or boxes) for any optional line. When your buyer views the quote, they'll see the line pre-selected.

Your buyer would still be able to click the checkbox to de-select the line item. If you don't want this to happen, you can make the line non-optional.

Choosing only one optional line

Sometimes, you might need to present several optional line items to your buyer, but have them choose only one. You can set this in the section options.

Head to the top right corner of the quote section and click the pencil icon. Choose Properties, and then enable the Single Select switch.

What your buyer sees

When your buyer views your quote, they'll see a check box next to each optional line item. When they click on any optional line, they'll see the quote total automatically update. 

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