Adding one-time pricing to a quote

If your product or service is a one-time charge, here's how to set that up in the Quote Block.

Note: If you haven't used the Quote Block before, this article might be helpful.

Video: Quote Block basics | Video: Recurring pricing

Adding a one-time line item

By default, all quote line items start out as one-time pricing. Whenever you add a new Quote Block to your page, or a new section to your quote, it will contain one default line item.

There are two formats available for one-time line items:

  • Fixed Cost: Line items that always have the same unit price.
  • Variable: Line items where the unit cost changes depending on the quantity.

To add a new line item, click the button at the bottom of the section. Then fill in the description, unit price, and quantity fields. The total price will calculate automatically.

Note: Learn more about managing line items here.

Adding a one-time pricing card

If you're using plan card sections in your quote, these can also represent one-time pricing.

As you're entering the unit price into the card, be sure to click on the menu of billing frequencies and choose One off.

From there, enter the quantity and unit description. The total price will calculate automatically.

Giving your buyer options

Sometimes, you'll want to let your buyer choose the quantity, or choose which items to include in the quote.

Qwilr lets you add plenty of choice points for your buyer.

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