Adding package options to Quotes

Using package options gives you flexibility and puts you in control of how clients view and interact with your quotes.

Adding a section

First build out the sections you'd like your package to display. To add a new section, click the + at the bottom of the current section. For quote building fundamentals, see this article.

Once you’ve built all the sections of your package, click the green Quote Type icon at the top left of the block. Choose the option for your needs: One Combined Package, Multiple Choice, or Single Select. You'll find more details on how each one works below.

If you're using Multiple Choice or Single Select and you want to make it a requirement to choose an option, enable the Require a Choice switch.

One Combined Package

To represent a full quote with all the sections included in the total, select One Combined Package. The total will reflect all sections combined.

Multiple Choice

To allow for multiple selections (i.e. optional packages), choose Multiple Choice. When you send the quote to your client, they'll have the option to select the group of sections they want to buy.

If you have any packages that need to be included no matter what other selections your client makes, you can set them as mandatory. Click the Section Settings icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the section, and choose Make Mandatory.

Single Select

If you have tiered pricing for different levels (i.e. Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and you want your clients to choose only one, choose Single Select. When you send the quote to your client, they'll be able to choose the one section they want. 

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