Accept Blocks

With the Accept Block we make it easy for your clients to accept any document. This can be a proposal, a contract, or just anything you want them to accept (and sign!).

Note: e-signatures are only available on our  Business and Enterprise plans. An accept form is available to all accounts.

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Adding an Accept Block

To add an Accept Block you'll head to your Block menu and choose Accept.

Note: You can only add 1 Accept Block per Qwilr Page. If you attempt to add a 2nd one you'll see an error message.

Customizing the Accept Block

Once you've added your Accept, you'll be able to customize certain aspects of it. These options depend on your plan. 

You can:

*Features are only available if you're on our Business or Enterprise plan.

To add or edit the text above your Accept button you'll edit like any other block. You can add text or images. 

To edit your Accept button text you'll first click on the pencil icon to open up the block settings:

Then head to the Accept Text section. You'll see 2 fields there for each area you can edit. Add whatever text you want there.

The Acceptance Process

While editing your Qwilr Page you'll be able to preview the acceptance process and see what your client will see. Accepting via this method doesn't trigger acceptance.

To preview, go ahead and click on your Accept button from the edit screen. This will bring up your Accept form.

Click on the "Accept" text to automatically prefill your form with some default data so you can save time on typing! From there you can accept and see exactly what your client will see.

Knowing your Qwilr Page was Accepted

As soon as you've set your proposal  to be live, you'll see the status in your dashboard switch to Pending. 

Once it's been accepted you'll see the status switch to Accepted and, depending on your plan, you'll be able to  view the audit trail.

Once your client has accepted both you and they will receive an email. Their email looks like this: