Accept Blocks (E-Signature)

The Accept Block makes it easy to get sign-off wherever your buyer is. 

We've removed the friction of needing multiple docs with our Accept Block. Use our legally compliant E-Signature feature to get sign-off from one or multiple buyers! Get notified when they sign, and even accept payments on the go. It's safe and secure but most importantly, it's nice and simple. 

Before we begin, it's important to note that once a live Qwilr Page has been accepted it CANNOT be reversed, deleted, or edited. If you need a new copy of the page for your buyer you can clone it, and add a note that any previous copies are classified as void. 

In this article:

Creating an Accept Block

Think of Blocks like Lego pieces that stack to create more content. To add a new Block, first start by clicking the + icon at the top or bottom of any existing Block. 

Then, select the Accept icon from the New Block Menu. ( Note: You can only add 1 Accept Block per Page.)

You'll have a choice of Accept Presets, depending on how you need your client to accept the page:

  • Accept with a single click (no E-Signature)
  • Accept with one E-Signature
  • Accept with multiple E-Signatures

Need to change that setting later? No problem – head to the top left corner of that Accept Block and click the E-Signature icon.

Customizing the Accept Block

Once you've added your Accept Block, you're able to customize it to suit your needs.

The Accept Block has a text area above the Accept button where you can type in your custom text to give context, or further explain the section. 

You can even add things like inline images, videos, a button, tables, accordion sections, Google Maps, or a 2-column widget

To edit the text on the Accept button itself, hover over the button, and click the Button Options icon to make your changes.

You can also change the color and alignment of the Accept button, by following the same steps.

You can also add these customizations to the Accept Block:

The acceptance process

When your client clicks the Accept button, they'll be prompted to fill out the acceptance form. (If you've enabled e-Sign, they'll be prompted to sign as well.) 

Then they'll click the Accept button once again.

Note: If your buyer is already logged in with a Springboard account, their previously entered details will surface to save them from entering them again - but don't worry, they can change their name or email before clicking Accept! 

After your buyer has accepted the proposal, the screen will show this to them, on the proposal page directly. This will allow them to save a copy of their acceptance online in their Springboard account.

Previewing the acceptance flow

While editing your Qwilr Page, you can preview the acceptance process at any time, and see what your client will see. Don't worry - stepping through the acceptance process in the preview won't accept your page. 

To preview, click on the Accept button while you're editing the page.

That click will bring up the acceptance form. Fill in the form if you like, or save some time by clicking on the word "Accept" at the top of the form. That will prefill your form automatically. From there, click the Accept button and see exactly what your client will see.

Knowing your Qwilr Page was accepted

Before your page is accepted, it will have a status of Pending on your Dashboard.

Once it's been accepted you'll see the status switch to Accepted and you'll be able to view the Audit Trail.

Once your client has accepted the page, both you and they will receive an email. The acceptance email is sent to the creator of the page and all acceptors. Your client's email would look like this:


Q: Can I save my Block and reuse it across different Pages?
A: Yep! If you like your new block, save it so you can reuse it again.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing

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