Adding and Editing Tables

Tables are a great way to organize and structure the data you present to your client.

Adding a Table

Step 1. Start a new Text, Splash, Quote or even a Video block.

Step 2. Click the Add some text line and you will see a small + symbol pop up. If you do not see the Add some text line, you can press Enter/Return to add it.

Step 3. Choose the Table option from the pop-up menu. 

Adding Rows and Columns

To add a column, hover above the table in-between columns to bring up the add (+) button. Click this button to add a column at that location. 

If you want to add more rows, hover to the left of the table where you want to insert the row to bring up the add button. Click this button to add a new row at that location.

Removing Rows and Columns

In order to delete a specific row or column, Click and drag to select an entire column (or row) to bring up the delete button. Click this to delete the selection from the table.

Resizing Columns

To change the size of the column, hover over one of the inside column borders and drag to resize. 

Styling Your Table

To add styling to a table, click on its border to bring up the styling menu. You can set a header row color and background color, and style the borders.

Viewing a Table on Mobile

Tables appear differently on mobile phone screens depending on orientation.

  • Vertical screen: The table won't adjust so that its whole width fits on a vertical mobile screen. That would interfere with readability, so we display the table at a comfortable reading width. Some of it will be cut off on the vertical screen, but you and your clients can scroll sideways to read all the columns, and scroll up and down to see all the rows.
  • Horizontal screen: The table will adjust so that its entire width fits on a horizontal mobile screen. You and your clients can scroll up and down to see all the rows.

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