Qwilr's digital signatures are here to help you save time and be more productive. They are part of our Accept Block.

Qwilr e-signatures support legally binding documents: Our e-sign functionality complies with the requirements of Australian law, which align with the basic requirements provided for by the E-SIGN Act and UETA in the USA and are recognized in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and more. Learn more about Qwilr's security.

We recommend seeking legal advice on the effectiveness of e-signatures in your own country, however. Although e-signed documents are recognized as legally binding in many countries, what actually makes the document “legally binding” is the text your client agrees to, the type of agreement, and the context of the agreement. 

So an e-signature can support a legally binding contract, but it does not, by itself, make the contract legally binding. You can customize the default legal disclaimer text in Qwilr as needed to meet your local legal requirements. You might also need to add text to the block itself, outlining legal requirements or linking to your own Terms and Conditions.

They'll work on any browser or device: Like every other part of a Qwilr Page, we've made sure the experience is excellent across all device types. Your clients can sign on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Enabling e-signatures

To enable a signature, you'll first want to add an Accept Block to your page. In the top left corner of the block, click on the E-Signature icon.

Next, toggle the Enable e-sign switch. Now you're set up to collect a signature. You'll find even more signing options below.

Adding multiple signers

You can set a page up so that multiple people can e-sign it. You can have as many signers as you'd like, but keep in mind that your page won't be accepted until all signers have signed it.

To add multiple signers, click the + icon or enter the number into the menu. You'll see the same number of signer icons appear below the Accept button. Your client will see these icons as well.

Multiple signers with payment

If you're collecting a payment during acceptance and your page will have multiple signers, Qwilr will separate the payment form from the acceptance form. That way, any of the signers can process the payment.

If no other signer has processed the payment, then the last signer will be prompted to pay before they can complete their signature.

Prefilled names

You can also add the names of your signers to the e-signature menu. That way, your clients can see who needs to sign and what signatures are pending. This setting also pre-fills each signer's name into the acceptance form, saving your clients a step.

Toggle the Enable Prefilled Name switch, and then enter the name of each signer. (Incidentally, you can also use prefilled names if you only have 1 signer.)

Customizing the disclaimer

The e-signature settings contain a default disclaimer statement, which appears on the acceptance form. Your client is required to click a checkbox agreeing to this statement.

You may need to customize the disclaimer to reflect your local legal requirements. Click on the default text to start editing.

During acceptance

When your client clicks the Accept button in your page, they'll see one of two things:

  • If they're the only signer, they'll see the acceptance form.
  • If there are multiple signers, they'll see a list where they can choose their name.

From there, they'll fill out the acceptance form fields. To sign, they can choose one of the options: typing it, drawing it with a mouse (or mobile touchscreen), or uploading a signature image. 

Note: If you'd like to add some custom fields to the acceptance form, please see this page.

As each person signs, the page updates automatically. Everyone can see who has already signed.

Note: Once each person has accepted and signed the page, they won't have access to do it again. The Accept button will be grayed out for them. 

Multiple signers and the acceptance form

Whether you use the default acceptance form or add some custom fields, each signer must complete the form to accept the page.

As each person signs, you'll receive a confirmation email that contains their form responses. Once everyone has signed, you can download a PDF copy of the page's Audit Trail. That contains a list of everyone's responses.

Dashboard view of multiple signers

When a page has multiple signers, you can track how many have signed from the dashboard.

Want to see who, specifically, has signed already? Hover over the page title to reveal the Preview button, and click that. Head to the Accept block of the preview page, and you'll see the names of everyone who's already signed.

Once everyone has signed, you'll see the page status change to Accepted

After acceptance

Once all signers have accepted and signed your page, you'll be able to access the Audit Trail, which is a certified record of each step in the acceptance process. The Audit Trail contains all signatures, as well as the date and time of each one.

Qwilr sends an email to each signer, containing a link to the PDF copy of the signed page.

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