Accessing and downloading the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail records all the milestones during your proposal process, from the moment you create your Qwilr Page to the time it's accepted, signed, backed up, and emailed. 

All the details are securely stored, and everything is organized in a timeline to keep your interface clean and beautiful. 

Note: Audit Trail PDFs are emailed to you and your client when a page is accepted. In-app audit trail archives, on the other hand, are only available on our Business and Enterprise plans. Only the original creator of the Qwilr Page can access the Audit Trail in-app.

What's in the Audit Trail?

The Audit Trail includes these details:

  • Who created the project
  • When the project was published
  • The IP address and timestamp of the first visit to the page
  • Contact details, including name, email, and the company of the acceptor
  • The digital signatures, custom form results, or 'pay now' details (if enabled)
  • Links to stored backups of the project and audit trail data
  • Record of the emails sent to all parties

How do I get the Audit Trail copy?

There are two ways to access your Audit Trail:

1. Email: When a page is accepted, Qwilr sends an email like the one below to the creator of the project and the client. This email includes a link that you (and your client) can use to download the Audit Trail. This email is included in all our subscription plans.

2. Your dashboard: If you're on our Business or Enterprise plans, you can also click on the title of any accepted page from the dashboard. That takes you to the Audit Trail page. From there, you'll also be able to download a backup copy of the Audit Trail in either the PDF or JSON formats. 

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