Within the Qwilr Quote Block you'll be able to store country, state, and local taxes and choose which to apply.

Adding & Editing Taxes

When editing your Quote Block, you'll click on the settings icon to open up the block settings. From there select Tax Library.

Once you've opened that settings menu you'll see your existing taxes and a link to manage/add new taxes.

Head to the Edit & manage taxes option to add a new tax.

That will open up a list of all existing taxes. Click on the plus to add a new item. That will pop up a new blank line for you to fill out with the tax name and percentage. The name will be visible on your quote.

From the same library, you can edit any existing taxes. Just click on the field that needs to be updated. Once changed, click Done to save.

Deleting Taxes from your Library

Within your tax library, hover over the name of the tax you want to delete. A trash can icon will pop up. Click on that to delete the tax from your library.

Enabling Taxes for the Whole Quote

Once you've added your new taxes you'll head back to that tax menu and toggle on the taxes you want to use.

Any tax you've checked will be included in your quote.

Exempting an Item from Taxes

If you have certain items that should be excluded from taxes, you can do this within the item settings.

From there toggle the Tax exempt option to exclude that specific item from taxes. This needs to be done on a per-item basis.

Showing total with/without taxes

Once you have taxes applied, you will be able to change how your Quote total looks like. Click on this settings button next to the quote total number and toggle on/off the Show Tax total or and the Show total excluding tax.

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