Text Blocks

A Text Block not only contains headings and text, it can have inline images, tables, maps, buttons, and videos as well.

Creating a Text Block

To create a Text Block, select the Text icon from your block menu.

Formatting text

You'll see a placeholder initially. Click it to start typing, and a main heading will appear.

Highlight any text to bring up the editing toolbar. It lets you add bold, italics, lists, links, and more. You can learn more about text formatting here.

Adding inline images, videos, and Google Maps

On any blank line. you'll see the + symbol. Click that, and you'll open a menu of visuals you can add to your page. 

Here's where you can add inline images, videos, maps, accordion sections, ROI calculators, and more. (See the links below for more details.)

If you don't currently have a blank line in your text, place your cursor at the end of any text line and hit Return. Then click the + to bring up the menu, and click your selection.

More details:

Adding a table

You can add a table from any blank line where you see the + symbol. Click it to bring up the menu, and choose Table.

You can learn more about formatting tables here.

Formatting 2 columns

If you want to arrange your content side by side, you can add a 2-column widget. Click the + symbol on any blank line to bring up the menu, and choose 2 Columns.

You can place text and image side by side, or two images side by side, or just format two columns of text. See this page for all the details.

Styling a Text Block

Qwilr's styling tools let you change colors and layout of the whole block, style individual text elements, or add styling to visual page elements. Anywhere you see the paint roller icon, you can make styling changes.

Look for it in the top left corner of any block!

What's Next:

If you like your new block, save it so you can reuse it again.

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