Embed Blocks

The Embed Block is great for including things like maps, online documents, Typeform surveys, and more. This block is a tool that embeds other parts of the web into your Qwilr Page using an iFrame.

To do this, you'll create an Embed block and add a link.  The link needs to be embeddable. It should start with 'https' to display securely within your Qwilr Page.

In the following example, we are selecting Google Maps:

Step 1. To embed the content needed, add a new Embed block.

You will then see a list of options available:

If you do not see the one that you need among the ones that are listed, you will be able to use the Iframe Embed option as long as you have the embed link.

Step 2. Select the option needed. You will see this form:

Step 3. Open Google Maps and find the map you want to embed. The click on the Share button under the search results.

Step 4. In the box that pops up, click Embed map and then hit the Copy HTML button.

Step 5. Back in your Qwilr Page, paste the code snippet into the text box and press See It.

That's it! Your map is embedded and live within your Qwilr Page.

Note: You can also add Google Maps inline to any other type of block.

The Embed block supports any webpage that is embeddable — there are millions of options to choose from!

Some that our customers love are:

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