iFrame Embeds

Many websites and online services offer iFrame embed code for their content. You can use that to embed it right in your Qwilr Page.

Think of the iFrame embed option as your "generic embed." If you don't see the website you're using for content listed among our supported embeds, try using the iFrame option.

Adding an Embed Block

Step 1. Choose Embed from the new block menu in your page.

Step 2. A list of available embed options will appear. Scroll to the bottom and choose iFrame Embed.

Finding the embed code

Step 3. Next, head to the website you're using for content. The location of the embed code varies from site to site, but you can generally look for menu options like Export, Share, or Embed and find the code. Some services will use a symbol as the menu option for embed code, such as <> or </>. 

If you're not sure where to find the code, check their documentation or Support for help.

iFrame embed code always contains this tag:


Note: If the web service you're using offers a different form of embed code, such as Javascript, it won't work in our Embed Block.

Step 4. Head back to your Qwilr account now. Paste the code into to the field and click See It.

Using the content URL instead of embed code

If your web service doesn't offer iFrame embed code, there are cases where pasting the URL of the content itself into the Embed Block will work. 

It's possible in these cases that additional elements from the website will display alongside your content. That will depend entirely on how the website is coded.

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