Embedding a Prezi presentation

If you use Prezi to create presentations, you can easily embed them in your Qwilr Pages and wow your clients. 

Adding an Embed Block

Step 1. Choose Embed from the new block menu in your page.

Step 2. Select Prezi from the list of options available.

You'll then see this form. Time to head to Prezi to get your embed code.

Finding the Prezi embed code

Note: Prezi Classic accounts may have a different process for finding the embed code than Prezi Next accounts. If the steps below aren't working for your account, please see this page, or contact us for help.

Step 3. On your Prezi dashboard, click the Play button on the thumbnail image for your presentation.

Step 4. Your presentation will open in a new tab. Copy the URL.

Step 5. Open a Private or Incognito window in your browser and paste in the URL. That will open your presentation in a public page.

Step 6. On the public page, locate the Embed button. Click that.

Step 7. Copy the embed code.

Step 8. Back in your Qwilr Page, paste the code into the box and click See It. 

That's it, you're done! Your Prezi presentation will now display within your Qwilr Page.

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