Embedding PDFs

Embedding PDFs in your Qwilr page are a nice way to provide your client with supporting documents without cluttering your proposal.

There are a variety of ways to embed a PDF in a Qwilr webpage - all using the Embed Block.

Note: To embed a PDF, it needs to be hosted on a file hosting service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

In our example, we're going to use a PDF document from Google Drive. Create a new Embed Block by selecting the source icon from your content menu.

You should see a list of options. Select the 'Iframe Embed' option at the bottom.

Head over to Google Drive and open your PDF.  Important: Make sure the file is publicly viewable. In Google, you can set the PDF to be viewable by anyone who has the link. In Dropbox, you may need to put it into a Public folder.

Preview the PDF first. You'll do this by clicking on the 'More actions' menu in the top right corner of the screen. Select 'Open in new window'.

When your PDF opens in a new window, click on the 'More actions' menu again. This time, select 'Embed item...". 

Copy the embed code.

Back in Qwilr, paste the code into your Embed Block form, and press 'See It'.

That's it! Your PDF is embedded.

If you're adding a PDF from Dropbox, you'll need to replace the  ?dl=0 part with  ?raw=1 instead.

Another option is to provide a link to the PDF from within the text (via hyperlink). Whatever works for you and your client!