Using the Embed Widget

Want to Embed your online content directly within an existing Block? 

Now you can, with our powerful Embed Widget. You no longer need to use the Embed Block, in fact, we'd suggest trying this out first!

This awesome Widget empowers you to think outside the box - you can use it to capture data in external Forms, add interactive design sites, showcase existing external presentations, and much more - right from within your existing content, without needing to add another Block!

Adding an Embed Widget

Anywhere you're able to click on the + symbol in your Qwilr Pages and Templates, you'll now see the option to add embedded content from services like Calendly, Google Slides, Typeform, and more (just as you can with our Embed Block). 

While in a Text or Splash Block, click the symbol (if you don't see that symbol, try hitting the Return key to add a new line), and you'll see the Embed option.

From here, you'll see Categories - simply pick the type of content you'd like to embed or choose any iframe embeddable content by selecting Other.

Once you've selected your Category, you'll see a screen to insert the embed code from the site/service you selected. Paste it in, and voila! You're ready to rock. 

Resize the Embed Widget to your liking. We have In-line, Wide, and Full Width options. These resize options can now also be applied to images, videos, Google Maps, and of course the Embed Widget in the content of your page.

And because the Embed Widget works within your existing content, you can customize it to your liking!


Q: How do I find my Embed/iframe Code?
A: Where the iframe/embed URL can be found will depend on the service/website/content you're embedding. We have several Help Docs to help you discover the location of our embed code. You can head over to our list of Embed Help Docs for more help on where to find the embed code for various options in Qwilr.

Q: I see a frown emoji, what does that mean? 
A: If you're seeing a frowning emoji, it could mean one of two things. Firstly, It could mean that the site you're trying to embed does not support external embeds. Unfortunately, this is something we can't control. The other reason is you may have grabbed the wrong link. If you see the share button on your external site, try both the iframe and the URL. Alternatively, it may be listed as Embed. If these still don't work - chances are the external site doesn't allow embeds. 

Q: What happens if I have existing iframe Widgets?
A: If you're already using the iframe Widget - no stress, it will continue to work. If you're trying to add a new iframe, it's now exclusively through the Embed Widget. Your existing pages that use an iframe Widget will continue as they are now, however, if you delete the widget (even by accident), adding it back in again is not possible - you'll need to use the Embed Widget (which, let's be real - is much nicer and even more customizable!) 

Q: I have a Google Sheet or other large embed that is scrolling endlessly, how do I fix
A: Our "full bleed" or ultra-wide embed can occasionally come up against a challenge with bigger spreadsheets and/or other iframe embeds that allow for endless scrolling. At this time, the best methodology is to use the "wide" setting or regularly "inline" setting for the size of the embed and that should resolve the problem. 

Q: I am trying to embed a Microsoft Word doc and it is not working, how do I fix this?
A: Office 365 Word docs in business accounts do not allow direct embedding. You will want to host the file online in a shared drive to embed it. More info can be found in the embedding word docs article.

That's it, you're done! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing [email protected]

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