Embedding Word Documents

If you need to embed a Word Doc in your page, it must be hosted online first. There are several ways you can do that.

Adding an Embed Block

Step 1. Choose Embed from the new block menu in your page.

Step 2. You'll see a list of embed options available. Choose the iFrame Embed option at the bottom of the list.

Step 3. You'll then see this form. Time to head to where your Word Doc is hosted online, so you and get your embed code.

Hosting your Word Doc online

To be embedded, your Word Doc needs to be hosted online, and made publicly available. Private docs can't be embedded in Qwilr.

You can use any of these services to host your Doc:

Step 4. Head back to your Qwilr page now. Paste the embed code into the box and click See It.

That's it! You should now be able to see your document in your Qwilr Page.

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