Styling text, lists, and tables

Styling a single element, made easy!

Sometimes you need to adjust the color or size of just one element, like a line of text or a table. Qwilr's contextual styling tools give you that flexibility.

Note: In all these examples, the available color choices come from your brand colors.

Styling headings, subheadings, and paragraphs

You can highlight any text in any block to bring up the editing toolbar. There, in addition to the standard editing tools, you can click on the style icon to change the color, size, and alignment.

With contextual editing, when you make a change, it will apply only to the text class you've highlighted. Qwilr uses 3 text classes: H1 headings, H2 subheadings, and body text.

So, for example, if you change the color, size, or alignment of an H2 subheading, all H2 text in the block will change.

If you highlight multiple lines, the style menu will leave out any options that can't be applied to all of the highlighted text.

Styling numbered or bulleted lists

Highlight a list, and you'll be able to change the color and size of the text. You can also update the color and symbol of the markers.

Styling blockquotes

If you've set some text as a blockquote, you can highlight it and change the text size and color. You can also adjust the color of the highlight bar, and choose whether to include a quote mark icon. 

Styling links

If you've set up a text link, mouse over it to bring up the style toolbar. You'll be able to change the text color, and choose whether the link is underlined. You can even change the underline color. 

Styling tables

Click on a table to access the styling menu. You'll be able to change the color of the top row, and apply a background color to the rest of the cells if you like. You can also choose a border style and color, and adjust the transparency of the borders.

If you'd rather apply styling to a whole block, check out our article on block styling.

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