Brand Setup

Qwilr helps your brand to remain consistent across all your documents.

You can set up your brand colors, fonts, and domain details in one location and have them applied consistently across all Qwilr Pages produced in the account. Set once and forget. 

We know that sometimes you might want to make exceptions to your brand rules. That's why we created Custom Styles. So you can modify the style of individual blocks or set styles for just one Qwilr Page.

Note: These settings are only available to account admins.

In this article:

Brand Colors

Colors are selected at the account level and apply to all projects within your account. You can select a "Primary Color" and a "Complementary Color".

To select these colors, head to the Settings menu and choose Set up Brand.

On the page that loads click on either "Primary Color" or "Complementary Color".

You can select colors from our pre-populated palette or enter a hex color code.

Here are some useful tools for finding hex color codes:

The 'Primary' brand color is used for the following elements:

  • Heading 1 (H1)
  • Links
  • Background colors

The secondary 'Complementary' color is used for the following elements:

  • Heading 2 (H2)
  • Background colors

If you have (or wish to use) only 1 brand color, then you can either: 

  1. Set both your Brand Color and Complementary Color to the same color code; or
  2. Set your Complementary Color to a neutral black or grey.

Brand Fonts

Fonts are selected at the account level, and apply to all projects within your account. Different fonts can be selected for Heading (H1), Subheading (H2) and Body text.

To select these fonts, head to Settings > Setup Brand then select Fonts.

You can then adjust fonts for Heading, Subheading and Body text. Once you click on either of these categories, you'll have three options:

Typekit fonts can be used on the  Business plan and above. Custom fonts are available on our Enterprise plan.

How do I start using a Google font?

Head to Settings > Fonts in your account. Select one of the text classes (Heading, Subheading, or Body text); select "Google Fonts"; select your favorite font.

Note that you can search through, and filter, the (very long!) list of Google fonts.

Brand Domain Options

By default, your Qwilr Pages your pages are served at But if you're on our Business or Enterprise plans you'll be able to upgrade that to a domain that reflects your company and brand.

  • On our Business and Enterprise plans you can set a custom subdomain eg.
  • On our Enterprise plans only you can set a custom domain from your domain eg.  

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