Creating a Qwilr Page from a Template

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Choosing a template

Head to your Qwilr Dashboard. To create from a template, click the Create New button, and then choose From Template.

Button to create a new Qwilr Page

Our Template Library will open. From here you can select a category to narrow down and filter the different types of Templates that will suit your needs.

Selecting each Template will give a short description and a list of what is included in the Template.

Note: Want to create your own Templates instead of using ours? Check out this article.

When you find a Template you like, head to the top right corner and click the Create Page button.

You've just created a new Qwilr Page from the Template, and you can now start customizing!

Note: Keep in mind that your account has brand settings, which dictate the colors and font set for all of your pages. The new page you've created will take on your brand colors and fonts, so it might look slightly different from the original template.

Ways to customize your Template

You have the ability to make changes to every element on your new page. There are several things you can modify to your liking.

Update the text

Highlight any text on your page, and a toolbar will appear. From there, you can change the formatting.

Change the blocks

You can always add, remove, move, and clone any block. A Qwilr Page can have as many or as few blocks as you need.

Change the images

If your new page contains some Splash images or videos, here's how to change them. If you're using your own Splash video, it needs to be hosted on YouTube.

You can also swap out any inline image with others from our stock library, or upload your own.

Change the styling

Be on the lookout for the paint roller icon - it will appear in lots of locations. You can click on that to change the colors, alignment, and other styling of text and other elements. You might find this quick primer on mobile-responsive design helpful.

Update the price quote

There are so many ways you can customize the Quote Block. Here's a great starting point.

Have any questions? Reach out to our team - we're glad to help!

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