Creating a Qwilr Page from a template

To give you a quicker way to create pages, Qwilr offers a collection of ready-made templates. Choose a template, make a new page from it, and then customize it to suit your needs.

Starting with a template

A new Qwilr Page starts from your dashboard. To create from a template, click the Create New button, and then choose From Template.

Button to create a new Qwilr Page

Our template browser will open. Use the left sidebar to scroll through. Each section represents a different use. Click the bottom of any section to open up a list of its related templates. Click on any template title to preview it in the main window.

Sidebar menu of the template library

When you find a template you like, head to the top right corner and click the Use Template button.

Buttons to edit a template and use a template

You've just created a new Qwilr Page from the template, and you can now start customizing!

Ways to customize your template