Replacing an image in your page

If there's an existing image on your Qwilr Page that you want to replace, here are the steps.

Replacing an inline image

First, click on the existing image to bring up the toolbar. From there, click on the Swap Image icon. That will take you to the Image Library.

You can use the folders in the left sidebar to choose a new image from our stock library, grab one of your recently-used images, or use one that you've already uploaded.

If you want to upload a new image, head to the top right corner and click the Upload button.

Replacing a Splash image

To replace the image in a Splash Block, head to the top left corner of the block and click on the Swap Splash button.

Note: if your Splash Block has a video and you want to change it to a still image, please see this article.

Our stock image library will load along the bottom edge of the page. From there, you can click the buttons to search for a new stock image or upload a new image.

If you need to use an image you've already uploaded, click the View All button to open your full image library in a pop-up. That will give you access to the Uploads and Recently Used image folders.

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