FAQ: Can I show/hide long blocks of content?

If your Qwilr Page needs to include a long block of content, like a Terms and Conditions statement, you can save your clients some scrolling by making the block foldable. 

Please note: Quote Blocks are not foldable. All other block types are.

Step 1. Head to the top left corner of the block. Click on the Block Options icon (3 dots). Then check the Make Foldable box. 

Step 2. We've added a default label of Show/Hide that will display while the block is folded. If you'd like to change that, highlight the default text and update it.

Note: The color of the text on the Show/Hide button will follow the first (primary) color in your account's brand settings. The only exception is when that primary color doesn't contrast enough with the background. In that case, the text color will revert to black.

This block will now display folded by default. Your clients can click on the label to expand the section, or click the arrow to collapse it again.

Note: In the PDF version of your page, all folded blocks will display expanded.

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