Archiving your Pages

Within Qwilr you have 2 document states. You can have them active on your dashboard or you can archive. An archived page is still live, but it's moved out of the active view on your dashboard. It's great for organizing.

How to archive

You can archive a Qwilr Page two ways:

1. Click on the Archive icon in the menu of the page you want to archive. 

2. Select the Qwilr Page (or pages) that you want to archive by checking the box(es) to the left. A menu should open up from the bottom of your screen. Select the Archive icon.

Accessing Archived Qwilr Pages

To access your archived pages, use the Active pages dropdown in the top menu of your Dashboard, then choose Archived.

From the Archived screen you can search thru your archived pages, or perform any of the standard actions (delete, tag, disable, etc) on your pages.

To unarchive a page reverse the process. Click the Unarchive icon. Or, select a page (or pages) and click the unarchive icon that slides up from the bottom of the screen.

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