Archiving your Qwilr Pages

If you don't need a Qwilr Page to be active on your dashboard, you can archive it. An archived page is still live, but it's moved out of the main dashboard. Archiving is a great way to organize your pages.

Archiving a page

You can archive a Qwilr Page from the dashboard in 2 ways:

Method 1: On your dashboard, click on the More actions icon (3 dots) for the page you want to archive. Then choose Archive from the drop-down menu.

Method 2: On the dashboard, click on the Qwilr Page (or multiple pages) that you want to archive, and drag them to the Archive folder in the sidebar.

Method 3: Open the page and click the More Actions dropdown (three dots). Then choose Archive.

Note: Archiving a page won't disable its public URL. If you've shared the page with a client, they'll still be able to see it after you've archived it.

Accessing archived Qwilr Pages

To access your archived pages, click the  Archived option in the sidebar of your dashboard.

From the Archived section you can search through your archived pages and unarchive any of them (as shown below). You can also change the page owner, delete or tag them.

Unarchiving a page

To unarchive a page, reverse the process. Click the More Actions icon and then choose Unarchive from the drop-down menu.

You can also click the check boxes for 2 or more pages in the Archived section, and then click the Unarchive icon at the top of the dashboard.

Note: If you're in one of your dashboard folders and you archive some pages from there, unarchiving will return those pages to that folder.