My Share button is missing

If you want to share a Qwilr Page but aren't seeing the Share button, it's likely that the page was converted to a template.

Whenever a Qwilr Page is converted to a template, it can no longer be shared. Templates are meant as "file copies" that you use to generate new pages quickly.

Here's how to locate a template. On your dashboard, click the  Create New button. Then choose From Template. That will take you to your template library.

You'll see the titles of any templates you've converted in the left sidebar. Choose the template you need, head to the top right corner, and click the Edit button.

With the template open for editing, head to the top right corner and click the More Actions icon (three dots). 

Choose Remove from Templates. This will revert the template to a regular page, and you'll be able to share it again.

Note: If you don't see the Remove From Templates option, please contact us.

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