My Qwilr Page seems to be missing

If you're looking for a Qwilr Page that seems to have gone missing, there are a few places you'll want to check.

Was it made into a template?

Once a page is made into a Qwilr template, it's removed from your dashboard and moved to your template library. 

To go to your template library, click the Create New button on your dashboard, and choose From Template.

If you see the page you're looking for in your library, you can always convert it back to a regular Qwilr Page. Choose the template, head to the top right corner, and and click the Edit button.

While your template is open for editing, head back to the top right corner. Click the More Actions icon (3 dots), and then choose Remove from Templates

That will restore the template to a page, and it will now appear on your dashboard.

Was it archived?

In the sidebar of your dashboard, click on your Archived folder. From there, search for your project.

If you see it in the Archived folder, you can always click and drag it back to the Pages folder.

Was it deleted?

In the sidebar of your dashboard, click on your Deleted folder. Pages that have been deleted are stored here for 30 days in case you need to recover them. (After 30 days, they're deleted permanently.)

Click the Recover button to restore the page to your active dashboard.

If you're still not seeing your page after these steps, please reach out, and our team will be glad to help.

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