Creating and managing User Teams

Streamline collaboration with Teams on the Enterprise Plan 

If you're on our Enterprise plan, you can assign your Users to Teams. This allows faster internal sharing, and helps you control who in your Account has access to which Qwilr Pages.

Note: Team membership is available on our Enterprise plan, and can only be used by Account Admins.

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Creating a Team

Step 1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the Page. Then choose Manage Team

Step 2. On the team settings page, click Create Team.

Step 3. Name your Team.

Adding Users to a Team

Now you can invite some Users to this Team. They can be new Users or Users that have already been added to your Account. 

Note: One User can be a member of multiple Teams. They'd have the same permissions in all Teams, whether they're an Admin or a Creator.

Adding an existing User

There are 2 ways to add an existing User to a Team.

Method 1. Start typing your Team member's name in the invite to this Team field. When you see their full name pop up, click on it to add them to that Team. 

Note: You can change a User's role as you add them to the Team, from Admin to Creator or the opposite. If you do this, the change will update their Account role as well.

Method 2. On the same Page, scroll down to the list of Everyone on the Account. Select a Team member (or several) by clicking the checkbox next to their name. You'll see a bar pop up at the bottom of the Page. Click Add to a Team.

Use the dropdown menu to select the Team (or Teams) you'd like them to be added to. 

Lastly, click Let's do this.

Adding a new User

In the Invite to this Team field, type in your Team Member's email address. Choose the permissions you want them to have, and then click Invite. They'll receive an email invitation to your Account. Once they accept it, they will only have access to the assigned Team.

You can also add a new User from the Everyone on the Account area. Once they've accepted the invite, you can add them to a team.

Removing Users from a Team

Select the User(s) you'd like to be removed from a certain Team. You'll see a bar pop up at the bottom of the Page. Click  Remove from Team and then confirm. 

Sharing Qwilr Pages with Teams

You will now be able to share a project with the whole Team at once. To do this, click on the Share With Team icon as you're editing the Page.

From the drop-down menu, start typing the name of the Team you'd like to share this Page with. When it appears, click on it to give this Team access to the Page. You can also grant the Team view or edit permissions.

Deleting a Team

To delete a Team, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Team. Then click Remove Team

Note: After you delete a Team, all the Team members will still be Users on your Account. They will also still have access to any Pages they've created.

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