Adding users

Bring more members of your team into your Qwilr account, you'll be able to collaborate and comment on your Qwilr Pages.

Note: Any account admin can invite new users. You also have the option to allow Creators to invite new users.

Adding a new user from the Team page

Step 1. Head to the top right corner of your Qwilr dashboard. Click on your initials and then choose Manage Team.

Step 2. At the top of the Team page, you'll see how many users are currently added to your subscription. This tells you whether a new user would be included in your current subscription, or would add a charge.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the Team page. Enter the email address of the user you want to add. Then use the drop down menu to assign them a permission level. The Admin role can view and edit all Qwilr Pages in the account. Creators can view and edit pages they've created, or pages that have been shared with them. 

Step 4. Click Invite

Note: If the user has already signed up for a Qwilr trial or account with the same email address, you'll see an error message. Contact our team, and we'll be glad to help..

Step 5. If this user will be included in your existing subscription, you'll see this message letting you know that no extra charges will apply.

If you've used all your available user accounts, you'll see this message letting you know what the added subscription charge will be.

Once you've confirmed the invitation, The new user will receive an email invitation from Qwilr, with a unique link to set up their account and create their password.

Adding a new user from within a page

As you're editing a Qwilr Page, you can also invite users to your account. Head to the top right corner of the editor and click the Collaborate button.

A list of users who currently have access to this page will appear. Type in the email address of another person you'd like to invite, and you can generate an invitation email to them.

Note: If inviting this user will result in an additional charge, your account's billing contact will receive an email to let them know.

Determining who can add users

By default, all admins on your account can add and remove users. If you like, you give Creators this option as well - or restrict them from adding users.

Step 1. Head to the top right corner of your Qwilr dashboard. Click on your initials and then choose View All Settings.

Step 2. From the left menu, choose Account. On the Account page, you'll see this list of options:

Choose the option you prefer. Then click Update Permissions.

What's Next

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