Adding animation to blocks

Add a little subtle motion to your Qwilr Pages, and suddenly they stand apart from static documents. Animations are also useful for re-engaging your client's attention as they scroll down your page.

You can apply animation to Text, Splash, Video, Quote, and Accept blocks. You might animate every block in your page, or just one important block.

Note: In Video Blocks, the animation applies to any text you've added to the block, but not to the video itself. 

To locate the animation menu, click on the Block Style icon in the top left corner of any block. Then click the Animate tab.

Enabling animation in a block

All blocks will default to the No Animation setting. You can choose from two motion effects:

  • Animated by Section, which applies the motion to each element of your block, one at a time
  • Animated Together, which adds motion to all elements of your block at once

Fade animations

When you select Fade In, the block elements will fade into view. Clicking Slow, Med, or Fast controls the speed of the fade-in. Click the Preview button any time to see how an animation will look.

Sliding animations

Choosing Slide In makes the elements of your block subtly slide in the direction you've chosen: left, right, up, or down. You can also control the speed of the slide by clicking Slow, Med, or Fast. The Preview button lets you see how the animation will look.

Note: If you've made a block foldable, any animation you add will replay each time your client expands the block.

Disabling animations

To turn off the animation in any block, click the Block Style icon, click the Animate tab, and select No Animation.