Changing the owner of a Qwilr Page

The person who creates a Qwilr Page is its owner by default, but any admin can transfer ownership to another user.

When you assign another user the Owner role for a page, they'll automatically be able to edit it, even if they didn't previously have edit access.

Note: Only account admins can transfer ownership of pages.

Step 1. On the dashboard, click the More Actions icon (3 dots) for the page you want to update. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose Change Owner.

Step 2. A list of users in your account will appear. Scroll or search to find the one you want to take over ownership. Click on that name.

Step 3. Click Let's Do This to confirm the change.

Note: If you're removing a user from your account, you'll be prompted to transfer ownership of their pages to another user.

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