Setting up a Custom Domain

If you are an account owner or admin on our Enterprise plan, you can set up a custom domain so that your Qwilr Pages have a URL on your own domain — like (instead of or

Note: Custom domains are available only on our Enterprise plan.

Note: For optimal results, please set up in your DNS host before you change the domain in your Qwilr account.

Setup in your DNS host

Head to wherever you host your DNS (generally your webhost) and go to the DNS settings. From there, add a new CNAME record and have it point to . 

You'll generally see these fields, although they may have slightly different names or a different display with your host:

A sample CNAME record form with no data entered

For example, if you wanted the domain you would:

  • In the Name field, add "proposals" (so your new domain would be
  • In the Type field, choose CNAME
  • In the Value field, add

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the CNAME redirect to fully work. You can still share the default links during that time, and they'll continue to work.

Setup in Qwilr

Once your DNS host setup is complete, head to your Qwilr account. Click on your initials in the top right corner and select  Account Settings. Click Custom Domain in the left menu.

Enter in the domain you want to use.  It needs to be in a subdomain format. So for example, if your domain is, you can't have just as your Qwilr custom domain. Instead, you'd need to use something like (or,, etc).

Custom Domain setting with a sample domain, "," entered

Once you've added it, Qwilr will verify that the domain is available to use. Then click Save Custom Domain.

Note: If you've previously shared any Qwilr Pages using our standard domain, those links will continue working after your custom domain takes effect. However if you wish to change your custom domain again, all shared links would need to be reshared otherwise the links will appear broken.

Instruction links for major domain providers

Your host is always going to be the best resource for DNS help, but we've compiled some links directly to some common domain provider's help documents. If you run into any troubles, please be sure to contact your host.

Note: If you're using Cloudflare, make sure to turn off proxying for the CNAME entry and set it to DNS only in order to prevent the slow loading of your Qwilr pages.

Note: Collaborator page URLs won’t use the custom domain, as they are for internal use only.

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