Changing the link preview image

If you're planning to share your pages on public platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you can set the image preview to make your post more appealing to readers. 

Step 1. Hover over any project on your dashboard to reveal a Share button. Click it to access sharing settings.

Step 2. In the box that appears, hover on the default image and click the Change Preview Image. Similarly, you can also click the Choose image preview for the link below the preview. 

Step 3. From there, you can select an image for the link preview. Qwilr will present five of the images used in your page.

Note: Once you set an image as the preview, it will stay in place even if you delete that same image from your page.

Note: When you post a link online, the platform you're using will cache the preview image. If you decide to change the preview image and re-share the link on the same platform, it will use the original cached image instead. We recommend choosing an image before you share the link for the first time.