Cloning a CRM template

If you have a HubSpot, Salesforce, or any other CRM integrated template and need to create another, similar one, cloning makes it very easy.

We're assuming here that you've already converted your CRM template and added tokens.

The process you'll use to clone depends on the state of your template.

Cloning a template

You'll find your template by opening your template dashboard. Click on library in the top left, and then select templates.

Now you're in your template dashboard. Locate the title of the template you need to clone, click on the more actions menu and select clone this template.

Step 3. The new clone will appear in your dashboard. Head back to the more actions button to the right of the cloned template and select edit this template.

The clone will automatically assign to the same CRM and object as the original. In this example, the original was a Salesforce Opportunity template, so the clone is the same. 

Let's say you needed this new copy to be an Account template instead. No worries - you can always change the object.

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