Creating CRM Templates with Tokens

Customization on a global level - made easy! 

If you're using our HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zoho CRM integrations, you can place Tokens in your templates. Tokens pull in client information, among other things, from your CRM records, so each page you create is instantly personalized. We even have some customers pulling in headshots from Salesforce! #Customization

Note: This article covers HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM templates. Please see our other articles about Pipedrive and Zapier templates.

Creating a CRM template

Step 1. Make sure your CRM is integrated with Qwilr and enabled.

Step 2. Next, you'll want to create a CRM Template. 

Adding a Token to pull in custom fields from your CRM

Qwilr supports two kinds of Tokens: those that pull in text data like your client's name, and those that pull in visuals like images or videos. Let's look at the text-based kind first.

You can add Tokens to a CRM Template at any stage. It's usually easiest to do this once you have some content in your Template.

While your CRM Template is open for editing, head to the top right corner. Click the Tokens icon. 

A list of the available tokens for your CRM will appear. Note that this list has two tabs. Use the one that's labeled for your CRM.

There are three methods for adding text-based Tokens to your CRM Template - choose the one you like best.

Copying and pasting

To copy a Token, click the Copy icon to the right of its title within the Token dropdown menu. Then place your cursor where you want the token to be. Use your key command of Ctrl-V or Cmd-V to paste it.

Dragging and dropping

Alternatively, you can click on a Token, drag it from the list, and then drop it at your desired location in the CRM Template. 

The search bar helps you locate specific Tokens. You can add as many Tokens to a CRM Template as you need.

Typing tokens

This option is great to use while you're writing your Template content. Anywhere in your Template, type 2 open curly brackets, like this: {{

That will bring up your Token list within the Template, and you can choose the one you need.

Note: The Tokens you have available will depend on the object you selected for your template, and whether you've associated records in your CRM tool.

Styling a text Token

You can make any Token bold or italic. Click on the token to bring up the editing toolbar, and then choose the style you want.

Adding Tokens to pull in visuals

In addition to text fields, your Qwilr Template can also pull visual content from your CRM records. See the articles below for more details.

Note: Image Tokens aren't currently available in our Zoho CRM integration.

Removing a Token

To remove a Token, click on it to bring up the editing toolbar. Then choose the trash can icon.

To remove a Token for visual content, click on the top edge of its placeholder. Then click the icon to remove the Token.

Changing the object for a CRM template

Sometimes you convert a template for one object, but then realize you want to use it with a different object. 

For example, let's say you've created a Deal Template for HubSpot, and you later want it to be a Company Template instead. Or, if you have a Lead Template created for Salesforce, maybe you want it to be an Opportunity Template instead.

No problem - you can change the object associated with your Template at any time.

To get started, open your Template for editing. Then head to the top right corner and click the Tokens icon.

The Token list will appear, and at the top, you'll see the object this Template is currently assigned to. Click Change.

You'll be prompted to choose a different object. If you have tokens in your template that need to be updated, you'll be prompted to do this as well.

Click Confirm to save the changes.

Deleting a CRM template

If you’ve created a template for your CRM but haven’t used it yet, you can delete it.

Here’s how you can delete it:

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