HubSpot: Template Creation

To create a template for HubSpot, you'll build a Qwilr Page and then add some "tokens" to pull in details from your HubSpot records.

Note: The HubSpot integration is available only on our Business and Enterprise plans.

Note: If you see the Tokens icon in your page editor, please use these instructions instead.

Creating your content

To get started, create a Qwilr Page. You can start from scratch, use one of our pre-designed templates and make your modifications, or if you're on an Enterprise plan, work with your Account Manager.

When you've finished building your page, leave it as a Live page. It should be visible on your dashboard.


Within the Blocks and title of your new page, you'll be able to add tokens (also known as variables) that pull data from your HubSpot records. 

When you type a token into your page, you'll place it between two sets of curly braces, like this: {{}} .

The tokens you'll have available to use will depend on the area of HubSpot where you'll be using your template. Contact records use a specific set of tokens, for example, while Deal records use a different set. 

If you look in your HubSpot account, the Qwilr widget can show you what the available tokens are for any given record. To see the list, click the Actions button and then choose Show Tokens

Below are some sample tokens in the correct format. The tokens you type into your Qwilr page must match the format listed in HubSpot exactly, or HubSpot won't be able to recognize them.  

Note: It's a good idea to add at least 1 token to the title of your template. That way, each page you create from it will have a unique title. If you don't add a token to the title, then every page you create will have identical titles, and that can make it hard to keep them organized.

Page tags

Once everything is ready with your page content, it's time to add some tags. The tags make your template visible to HubSpot. You can add tags from the page editor or the dashboard.

Please note, tags are case-sensitive. They must be added exactly as shown here.

1. Tag ALL HubSpot templates with:  hubspot 

2. Tag each template with the area of HubSpot where you'll be using it. Only add one of these tags. The options are: 

  • deal
  • contact
  • company

So for example, if you want to use a template from within a Contact record, you'll add the hubspot and contact tags.


If you're running into any issues with your template, these answers might help. (If not, please contact us.)

I'm not seeing my template in HubSpot

If you're not seeing your template within HubSpot you'll want to verify these things:

  • Make sure your template page hasn't already been converted to a Qwilr Template. It should be visible on your dashboard.
  • Make sure your template has the correct tags added. It needs hubspot and one of the following: dealcontact | company

My colleague can see a template in HubSpot, but I can't

Have an admin on your account check the template's permissions. You must have access to the template in Qwilr in order to see it in HubSpot.

I'm getting an error when I try to create a page from my template

Usually, errors like this happen when the tokens aren't being used correctly. Double-check your tokens and make sure they match the format HubSpot requires. Be sure none of your tokens are typed in italics or bold - that will make them unreadable to HubSpot.

Can I include the Deal Owner in my template automatically?

{{Deal Owner}} isn't an available token at this time, but there is a way to a deal owner in your templates. Our Permissions feature applies to templates. What you'll want to do is create a separate template for each of your sales people. Add the rep's name to each template. Then, use Permissions to give each rep access to only the template with their name in it. This way, when they're creating Qwilr Pages in HubSpot, they'll only be able to access their own template, and it will have their name prefilled.

What's Next?

When your template is created, it's time to head over to our HubSpot User Guide to learn how to use it.

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