HubSpot: Template Creation

To create a template for HubSpot, you'll build a Qwilr Page and then add some "tokens" to pull in details from your HubSpot records.

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Note: The HubSpot integration is available only on our Business and Enterprise plans. 

Creating your content

We're assuming here that you've already set up the HubSpot integration.

To get started, create a Qwilr Page. You can start from scratch, or use one of our pre-designed templates and make your modifications.

Your page should be left as a page and be visible on your dashboard. If you convert it to a Qwilr template, it won't be available in HubSpot.

Note: Templates can only be created by account admins.

Adding Tokens

Now that you have a page created, click on the  Tokens icon at the top right corner.

Use the dropdown menus to select HubSpot as your CRM tool, and then select an object: Contact, Company, or Deal.

By setting an object, you're defining where in HubSpot your template will be available. You're also defining what tokens will be available to add to your template.

So for example, if you select the Contact object, you'll be able to use this new template from within Contact records. You'll also be able to use tokens to pull in Contact details.

When you've selected your CRM tool and object, click  Convert to Template. Then click Keep Editing, so you can add some tokens.

Using the Tokens list

At this point, when you click on the Tokens icon, you'll see a list of available tokens. Click on the token you want to use and drag it to the location where the information should appear. 

You can add as many tokens as you need. The search bar helps you locate specific tokens.

Adding a token to the title of your template

It's a good idea to add at least 1 token to the title of your template. That way, each page you create from it will have a unique title. If you don't add a token to the title, then every page you create will have the same title, which can make it hard to keep them organized.

To add a token to your page title, instead of dragging and dropping, you'll want to type it manually into the title field. First, choose the token you'd like to use from the list. Then type the token text in 2 sets of curly brackets, like this: 

For this manually-typed token, you'll want to follow HubSpot's formatting exactly. The best way to find the correct formatting is in your HubSpot account. Click the Actions button in the Qwilr widget, and select Show Tokens. You'll see a list of available tokens in the correct format. 

Tokens for custom fields

You can add custom fields to your HubSpot records. If you do, those tokens will appear in the Qwilr token list automatically. It can take up for 15 minutes for that process to complete.

Styling a token

You can make any token bold or italic. To do that, click on the token to bring up the editing toolbar. Then choose the style you want.

Removing a token

To remove a token, click on it to bring up the editing toolbar. Then choose the trash can icon.

Using Contact tokens in a Deal template

Sometimes you'll need to create a proposal for a Deal record but would like to include the information of a contact. You can do this as long as you've associated at least one Contact record with your Deal record in HubSpot. That association makes Contact tokens available to your Deal template.

To get started, have a Deal template ready. From within the template, click the Tokens icon in the top right corner.

When your token list opens, scroll down to the Contact tokens, or type in Contact in the search field at the top of the menu.

From there drag and drop the tokens you need into your page.

And that's it! If your deal has multiple contacts associated with it, as you create a Qwilr Page, you'll be prompted to choose which contact's information you would like to pull in.

Changing the object for a template

Sometimes you convert a template for Deals, but then realize you want to use it with Contact or Company records instead. No problem - you can change the object associated with your template at any time.

To get started, head into your template and click the  Tokens icon in the top right corner.

When the Tokens list appears, you'll see the HubSpot object this template is currently assigned to. Click  Change.

A pop-up will appear, where you can choose a different object. Click  Continue to save the change.

Each object in your CRM has a different set of tokens available. So when you change the object for your template, you might need to update the tokens.

If your template has tokens that need updating, you'll see another pop-up appear, showing what those tokens are. For each one, choose the closest match from the drop-down menu. Then click  Confirm to save the changes.

What's Next?

When you've finished creating your template, it's time to head over to our HubSpot User Guide to learn how to use it.