HubSpot: User Guide

In this guide, we'll show you how to use the Qwilr + HubSpot integration. You'll be able to generate personalized Qwilr Pages in seconds from a Deal, Company, or Contact record. (If you prefer a video, we have one of a recent class we hosted.)

Creating your first Qwilr Page in Hubspot

Once you've set up your HubSpot template in Qwilr, you'll be able to use it from within your HubSpot account. 

Step 1. Head to the Contact, Company or Deal record you'd like to create a page from. Then locate the Qwilr widget in the right sidebar. Click Create Qwilr

Step 2. From there, select the template you want to use. Then click Create Qwilr once again.

And you're done! Now you'll see a mini dashboard for this page in your Qwilr widget. 

Editing a page 

You can update your new page at any time. Click on the page title from the Qwilr widget. This will open the page in Qwilr so you can edit it there.

Sharing the page with your client

Qwilr generates a unique URL for each page. Your client can see the page, but it won't be visible to search engines.

Right after you create a new page in HubSpot, a Share button will appear in the pop-up so you can grab the page link.

Alternatively, you can get the link from within the Qwilr widget. Click Actions and then choose Get Link.

A pop-up will open where you can copy the page URL. Then you can paste it into an email, instant message, text, or any other form of communication you use with your client.

Note: If you edit your page after sharing it, the changes will automatically be visible in the public page your client sees.

Monitoring pageviews and acceptance

Once your client has viewed the page, you'll see that the number of views has changed in the Qwilr widget.

When your client has accepted the page, its status will update in the Qwilr widget as well. You'll also be notified by email. 

Other things you can do in the Qwilr widget

Each Qwilr page you create from HubSpot will have its own mini dashboard. You'll find it in the record where you created the page.

At the bottom right corner of each mini dashboard, you'll see an Actions menu. It can do several things.


When you click Preview, you can view the Qwilr page you'll be sending to your client. 

Get Link

Click Get Link to get the shareable link for your page.  

If you'd like to add some security to the page, you can find out more about that here

Download PDF

When you click Download PDF, you can choose to export your page in either portrait or landscape format. 

Alternatively, you can copy the URL of the PDF to share or link. 


You can delete any page that hasn't been accepted yet. When you click Delete, the page will be removed from the Qwilr widget and from your Qwilr account. You can learn more about deleted pages here.

Finding your pages in Qwilr

When you create Qwilr pages from a template in HubSpot, they're stored in Qwilr as "child pages" of that template. To access them, locate the template on your Qwilr dashboard. Hover over it and a View Children button will appear. 

Click that button and you'll see a list of all the child pages you've created from this template. You can click on any of them to edit or share the page.