HubSpot: User Guide

In this guide we'll show you how to use the Qwilr & HubSpot integration. You'll be able to generate personalized Qwilr Pages in seconds from a Deal, Company, or Contact.

Creating your first Qwilr Page in Hubspot

Once in the Contact, Company or Deal section of HubSpot go to the Qwilr section → click Create Qwilr. 

Select the template that you want. 

Click Create Qwilr

And you're done! Now you can share your proposal with your client. Once your client has viewed the document you will be notified and can see that the number of views has changed.

The status of your document will also change once it has been accepted. You will also be notified by email (and by Slack if you have that integration turned on). 

Qwilr Options

Once you have created one or more Qwilr Pages you'll see the following dashboard: 

Edit (Top Link) 

To edit your Qwilr click on the hyperlinked title at the top of the card (in the example above, this is the link saying 'HubSpot Demo'). 

This will open Qwilr for you and allow you to edit the page directly.

Qwilr has a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit the text directly. You can alter text by highlighting it and using the options available. To add new sections, images or tables click the small '+' symbols. 


Preview lets you see the Qwilr page that you will send to your client. If you are not using Accept / E-sign / Pay then you can also just use this URL in any communication you have with your client - however, if you are using any of Accept / E-sign / Pay then you will need to publish the Qwilr (via the Share button). 

Get Link

Click  Get Link to get the shareable link for your document as shown below.  

Share links also include security options. You can find out more about our Security Options here

Download PDF

This will allow you to export a PDF in either Portrait or Landscape. Alternatively, you could grab the URL that allows for the downloading of the PDF. 

In the Qwilr App

Qwilr Pages that are created from a template in HubSpot are stored in the Children section of that template. This can be found by going to the Template, clicking the icon marked Children. 

From here they can be edited / adjusted / disabled / deleted as any normal Qwilr can be.  

Template Limitations

Text only

Qwilr can only find & replace text (letters and numbers) - we cannot replace images, videos, embedded content, URLs, etc. However, we can do this via the Foundry API. If you'd like to learn more about Foundry reach out to the team via

Quote Widget

We cannot replace text, nor numbers, within the functional part of the Quote Block. You can change the Header or other explanatory text at the top, but you will have to edit the quote block normally. 

This does not, however, apply to the Foundry API. If you are interested in more details please do get in touch

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