HubSpot: Installation & Setup

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up our HubSpot integration so that you can make personalized documents from Qwilr templates in seconds.

Note: This integration is only available on our Business and Enterprise plans

Note: You'll need Admin access to your Qwilr account and Super Admin access to your HubSpot account for this installation.

Getting Started

To use HubSpot and Qwilr, you (and your team) will need to have an account on both services.  The email address you use for both accounts will need to match. You can update your email address in Qwilr at any time via the Account section of Settings. 

Once both accounts have matching email addresses, head to Settings → Integrations, select HubSpot and press the enable button.

 A popup will appear allowing you to verify the account with HubSpot and then the integration page will change to show that the integration has been successfully enabled.

Inside HubSpot, the Qwilr widget will appear as a box on the right hand side of any page within the Contact, Company, or Deal. You can drag and drop this box (via the dots in the top left of the box) to wherever you want it to be on the page.

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