A guide to installing the Salesforce integration:

Note: Salesforce is available for Business and Enterprise customers only.

You can check out a Qwilr version of this guide here.

This is a guide to help Salesforce Admins add Qwilr for their team. Once you've installed the Salesforce integration, check out our written and video guides for both Lightning and Classic.


  1. Log in to your Salesforce Admin account 
  2. Open the package installer link: (currently version 2.3)
  3. Select 'Install for All Users' and click Install 

Alternatively, you can install the Qwilr-Salesforce App via the App Exchange

Uninstall :(

To uninstall Qwilr from Salesforce, remove the Qwilr widgets and buttons from all of the object layouts that you added them to.

To do this, follow the setup instructions given above, this time removing the components instead of adding them.

Next, go to the Installed Packages list by searching Installed Packages in the left sidebar on Setup page: 

Click the Uninstall link for the Qwilr package: 

We always appreciate feedback. If there is something that we could have done better with the integration please let us know at