Salesforce Pricebooks

Do you use our Salesforce integration and Salesforce Pricebooks? Using our integration, you'll be able to automatically pull Pricebook items into your Quote Blocks.

Note: The Salesforce integration is available only on our Enterprise plan.

Pulling in items

Once you've created your Qwilr template for Salesforce, you'd have the option to use product token that'll pull line item records from your Pricebook.

Step 1. Head to the Quote Block of your new template. If you're using a table quote section, you'd click the Products token next to the Saved Line button to add a product line item.

If you're using Price Card, you'd click the plus (+) icon to add a plan and choose Products to add the token.

Step 2. After clicking the Products as a default, you'll have {{p.Name}} and {{p.Description}} in your description column but you can always change it to other supported fields available that you want to show in your Quote section by typing in 2 curly brackets to see the list:

  • Product name 
  • Product description
  • SKU / product code
  • Currency
  • Quantity
  • Unit price (i.e. sales price)

Filtering Product Line items

As you build your quote, sometimes you'd want to create sections that have the same billing frequency, description, or name. You can do this by setting the All Product token dropdown menu to filter out line items you want to show in a certain quote section.

In the new Qwilr page, the Quote Block will automatically list all the product line items in place of all the Products tokens and filters added to your template.

Note: If you've applied a discount to an item in your Pricebook, that discount will pull in along with the line item to the Quote Block.