Salesforce Pricebooks

Do you use our Salesforce integration and Salesforce Pricebooks? Using our integration, you'll be able to automatically pull Pricebook items into your Quote Blocks.

Note: The Salesforce integration is available only on our Enterprise plan.

Pulling in items

Pulling in your items from a Pricebook is straightforward. Once you've created your Qwilr template for Salesforce, you'll add in one more token.

Step 1. Head to the Quote Block of your new template. Add a fixed cost line item.

Step 2. Open the token list, and drag and drop the Products token to the description field. That's it - you'll only need one token. When your Qwilr Page is being generated, we'll replace that with your Pricebook line items.

You can use other tokens in the Quote Block, but not in the same field where you've placed the Products token.

Note: If you've applied a discount to an item in your Pricebook, that discount will pull in along with the line item to the Quote Block.