Viewing the pipeline report

Qwilr's pipeline report helps you measure how quickly your deals move through the sales pipeline. Check out  our blog post to learn more about the importance of tracking sales velocity.

Note: The Pipeline report is still rolling out to accounts and may not yet be available in yours. Stay tuned - it won't be long before it's available in all accounts.

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Viewing the pipeline report

Step 1. Head to the Reports section on your dashboard and select Pipeline from the dropdown.

Step 2. Select the time period you're interested in: week, month, quarter or year. You can easily change this later to view data for different time ranges.

Step 3. Select the currency you want to view. The report will filter your data - showing only pages with the selected currency.

Note: You can set a default currency for your pipeline reports via your Account Settings > Analytics & Reporting.

Step 4. Then select which team-member's pipeline data you want to review:

Note: Only admins on an account are able to view other individual's report data. If you are not an admin on the account you have access to your own pipeline data and an aggregate of all pipeline data in your team's account (but not to individual's pipeline data, other than your own). 

Step 5. Under Collection select the type of pages you'd like to include in your report:

Note: A  collection is a group of pages with predefined filters that allows you to view your pipeline by different use cases.

Step 6. Lastly, click Clean up if you'd like to exclude pages that haven't been edited for a number of days prior to the period you are reviewing. Select the number of days you want to apply from the drop-down. This action is to keep old and 'not so relevant' pages out of your reports and make sure you're only viewing data that makes the most sense to your pipeline. 

Note: For accurate information, make sure to set up your time zone via your  Account Settings > Analytics & Reporting.

Step 6. Explore the data by applying the various filters:

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