Using our integration with QuickBooks allows you to conveniently raise invoices in QuickBooks Online directly from Qwilr.

Your quotes on Qwilr can be pushed to QuickBooks as draft invoices, both manually and automatically when a quote is accepted by a client. Using the QuickBooks integration requires using the Quote block's Accept feature.

Note: This integration is only available on our Business and Enterprise plans

Setting up the QuickBooks Integration

Head to Settings → Integrations in your account, and select QuickBooks.

Then click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button:

A new window will pop up (if you don't see one, check whether your browser is blocking the pop-up and allow pop-ups from qwilr.com), follow the prompts to authorize Qwilr on your QuickBooks account.

To ensure that your generated invoices have a correct mapping between taxes in Qwilr and QuickBooks, be sure to set up tax mappings. If these aren't set, Qwilr will just do its best to set the taxes appropriately in QuickBooks, although this can cause some issues when doing calculations on taxes paid, so it is highly recommended that you map your taxes:

When there is a tick, the taxes have been mapped:

Your integration between Qwilr and QuickBooks is now authorized!

Automatically pushing quotes to create QuickBooks invoices

When the QuickBooks integration has been enabled, a QuickBooks Online icon appears on the Quote Block. When selected, you associate a contact in QuickBooks with the quote:

You can also choose whether or not an invoice will be created from the quote line items and be assigned to the selected contact.

Manually Pushing Quotes to Create QuickBooks Invoices

The 'Generate Estimate' button (as pictured above), when clicked, will generate an invoice in QuickBooks as if the quote was just accepted.

Disabling the QuickBooks Integration

You can disable the QuickBooks integration at any time by going into your QuickBooks Settings in Qwilr and hitting the "Disable" button. 

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