Our integration with QuickBooks allows Qwilr to conveniently raise invoices in QuickBooks Online.

Your quotes on Qwilr can be pushed to QuickBooks as draft invoices. You can push an invoice manually anytime, and also have an invoice generate automatically when a quote is accepted by your client. 

To use the QuickBooks integration, your Qwilr page will need both a Quote Block and an Accept Block.

Note: This integration is only available on our Business and Enterprise plans.

Note: The integration works with all QuickBooks account types except Self-Employed.

Setting up the QuickBooks integration

Step 1. In your Qwilr account, click on your initials in the top right corner, then choose Add Integrations

Step 2. On the integrations page, select QuickBooks. Then click the Connect to QuickBooks button.

Step 3. A new window will pop up. (If you don't see one, check whether your browser is blocking the pop-up and allow pop-ups from qwilr.com.) Follow the prompts to authorize Qwilr to connect with your QuickBooks account.

Step 4. To ensure that Qwilr and QuickBooks are using the same taxes, be sure to set up the Map Taxes section. If the taxes aren't mapped, this can cause invoice generation to fail. If you aren't using taxes at all, make sure they're removed from both Qwilr and Quickbooks.

When you see an X, the taxes aren't mapped. Use the dropdown menu to select the correct QuickBooks tax.

When there is a green check mark, the taxes have been mapped.

Note: QuickBooks requires Canadian companies to have at least 1 tax entry in Qwilr, mapped to a tax entry in QuickBooks. If you aren't charging taxes, you can create a 0% tax entry in each app.

Your integration between Qwilr and QuickBooks is now enabled!

Automatically pushing quotes to create QuickBooks invoices

When the QuickBooks integration is enabled, you'll see a QuickBooks Online icon at the top left corner of all Quote Blocks. When you click on it, you'll be prompted to choose one of your QuickBooks contacts from the dropdown menu. 

Want to generate an invoice for this contact automatically when your client accepts your Qwilr Page? Enable the Create Invoice on Accept switch. 

Manually pushing quotes to create QuickBooks invoices

If you click the  Generate Estimate button, an invoice will generate in QuickBooks as if the quote was just accepted.

Disabling the QuickBooks integration

You can disable the QuickBooks integration at any time by going into your QuickBooks integration settings in Qwilr and clicking Disable

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