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Adding a recurring charge to a quote

Sometimes you need to present a monthly, annual, or other recurring charge to your client. Qwilr lets you present recurring and one-time charges in the same quote.

Setting up a recurring charge

You can make either Fixed Cost or Variable lines into recurring charges. Depending on the quote, you might want to put all of your recurring charges into a separate section, or you can mix them in with your one-time charges.

To get started, fill out the fields of the line item. We recommend using a quantity of 1 in most cases. Then, click on the Line Item Options icon.

From there, choose Billing Frequency. Then select the recurrence you need from the menu.

With this setting in place, you're all set! You'll see the Price column change to show that the line is recurring.

Note: When you set a recurrence on a line item, the next new line you create will retain that same recurrence. If you don't need the new line to be recurring, repeat these steps and choose One Off from the menu instead.

How recurring charges display in the quote

For recurring line items, you might want to hide the Item and Quantity columns, so your client only sees the total and recurrence.

If you're using one-time and recurring charges in the same quote, they'll be displayed separately, both in the section subtotal and in the quote total.

Removing the first installment from the quote total

By default, Qwilr will add the first installment of each recurring charge to the total of your quote. Here's an example.

If you need to charge that installment later instead, you can remove it from the quote total.

To get started, head to the top left corner of the Quote Block. Click the Block Options icon (3 dots).

From there, choose Recurring Costs, and disable the switch.

That's it! The quote's Total section will now display the recurring charge, but not include the first installment in the total.

Recurring charges in the acceptance notification

If your page has an Accept Block, when your client accepts the page they'll get an email notification.

Qwilr includes recurring charges in this email. The quote total here will either include or exclude the first installment, depending on how you've set things up.

Collecting a recurring payment

If you're using our Stripe integration, you can collect an initial payment through the Qwilr Page. Then you can set up the recurring billing through your Stripe account.

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