HubSpot: Workflows

HubSpot/Qwilr workflows will help you automate your processes even more. In this guide, you'll learn about the workflows available via HubSpot/Qwilr integration and how to set them up.

Note: Workflows can currently be created only off of a Contact record.

Trigger criteria options available:

  • when Qwilr Page is viewed
  • when Qwilr Page is accepted

In this example, we will be setting up a workflow that will create a Deal record once a Qwilr Page has been viewed for the first time.

Step 1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Settings → AutomationWorkflows.

Step 2. Click Create Workflow.

Step 3. Select Contact based and Start from Scratch. From there Name your workflow and click Create workflow again.

Step 4. Click Set enrollment triggers.

Step 5. Under Trigger Workflow, select Automatically.

Step 6. Scroll down and select ‘Qwilr Viewed (Contact) Property. Then click Save.

Step 7. Select Qwilr name Starts with.

Step 8.  Enter the name that your Qwilr Page starts with. In this example, it is "HubspotDealCreator." Click Done.

Step 9. Add one more criteria: Qwilr Viewed (Contact) Property →  Number of views → is equal to → 1.

Step 10. Click Save.

Step 11. Once the trigger has been created and saved, click Add an action.

Step 12. From there, choose the Create a deal option.

Note: You have to have a Sales Professional license to access this option.

Step 13. Update the settings as you need, and click Save.

Step 15.  Now Review the workflow. If everything looks correct, turn it on.

You are now done! Next time someone views the Qwilr Page that starts with the name you've set up, a Deal record will be created in HubSpot.

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