HubSpot: Products

If you're using HubSpot Products, you'll be able to use the Qwilr + Hubspot integration to automatically pull sets of products into the Quote Block.

Note: To use this feature, you'll need a paid HubSpot Professional or Enterprise account. You will also need HubSpot Sales Hub and Super Admin permissions.

Note: This feature works from Deal records.

Creating a Deal template

To use this part of our integration, you'll need to have products associated with a Deal record in your HubSpot account. You'll find details on this process in HubSpot's docs.

Step 1. In your Qwilr account, create a page that you'll use as your template.

Step 2. Click on the Tokens icon at the top right corner of the page. Choose Hubspot as the CRM and Deal as the object. Click Convert to Template to save the change. Then click Keep Editing.

For more on creating HubSpot templates in general, please see this page.

Step 3. Scroll to the Quote Block of your template. 

Step 4. Next, if you're using a table quote section, you'd click the Products token next to the Saved Line button to add a product line item.

If you're using Price Card, you'd click the plus (+) icon to add a plan and choose  Products to add the token.

After clicking the Products token as a default, you'll have {{p.Name}} and {{p.Description}} in your description column but you can always change it to other supported fields available that you want to show in your Quote section by typing in 2 curly brackets to see the list:

  • Product name 
  • Product description
  • SKU / product code
  • Currency
  • Quantity
  • Unit price (i.e. sales price)
  • Recurring billing frequency
  • Term

Filtering Product Line items

As you build your quote, sometimes you'd want to create sections that have the same billing frequency, description, or name. You can do this by setting the All Product token dropdown menu to filter out line items you want to show in a certain quote section.

Pulling products into your Qwilr page

In your HubSpot account, take these steps.

Step 1. Locate the Deal record you want to create a Qwilr page from. 

Step 2. Make sure you have one or more Line Items associated with this Deal, and you've entered a quantity for each product. 

Step 3. Locate the Qwilr widget. Click the Create Qwilr button, then select the Deal template you just created.

In the new Qwilr page, the Quote Block will automatically list all the product line items in place of all the Products tokens and filters added to your template.

Recurring charges in HubSpot Products

If you have Line Items in HubSpot that are recurring charges, the recurrences will be pulled into your Qwilr quote. The format depends on the type of recurrence.

For monthly, quarterly, and annual recurring charges, the Line Item will pull into the Qwilr quote with the formatting below.

For weekly, semi annually, and any other recurrences, the Line Item will pull into the Qwilr quote a little differently.